Mobile Wi-Fi Hot-Spots

What is a wi-fi hot spot?

A wi-fi hotspot is a pocket sized mobile router. These use cellular signal to create an internet connection where no other wi-fi or highspeed options exist.

You can use these 4G LTE mobile hotspots to connect compatible computers or Wi-Fi-enabled consumer electronics like smartphones and tablets to the Internet from any location within the 4G coverage area. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A CELL PHONE TO USE THIS DEVICE!

Our hotspots come with a charging cable and case.

How do I use a wi-fi hot spot?

Hot spots are very simple devices to use. Simply press the power button until the lights on the top shine blue. Then go to your device’s wi-fi settings and select the wifi network named Greenwich Free Library Hot Spot. Enter the password (included with the hotspot). That’s it! You will then be connected to the internet.

How much data can I use and what does it cost? How long can I keep the hot spot?

There is no data limit and there is zero cost to you! All hot spots are available for 7 day loans. After 7 days the mobile signal will be turned off.