Board Minutes June 2019


Meeting opened at 7 PM.  Present: Maria, Naomi, Walter, Teri, Ellen, Audrey, Jim, Kirsten

Sandy, Claudia, Annie. 

Approval of May minutes.

BUILDING COMM:  They have been busy organizing the Library Instruction Manual and Operation Manual.  A list of all furniture has been developed.  A tool kit for the library has been organized.


1) Gill Room Reopening-Event at library to showcase the new Gill Room

Considering something the late September/early October. We will be contacting the offices of Carrie Woerner and Betty Little to see if there is date/time when either/both could possibly attend (the answer from these offices will drive the date/time)

3 hour event (estimate)

Tentative date of Sat 10/5 or Sun 10/6

Light food/drink served in community room

Possible historical program/presentation

Tours of new facility

Possible fund raising/sponsorship opportunity to support the Gill Room


2) Paint and Sip with Naomi

Suggested date of 10/25 (Birthdate of Pablo Picasso)

Fundraiser to benefit the library

3) “Slice of Americana” Library Pie Sale & Cafe

Suggested week prior to Thanksgiving

Fundraiser to benefit the library

Patrons could purchase donated pies from the library

Possible tie-in to Comfort Foods or use of their kitchen

We would host a festive “cafe” for the pickup event where slices of pie would be available as well as coffee/tea

4) Refreshment table at the Holiday Home Tour

We will have a table near the site of ticket sales for the Holiday Home Tour (Parish Hall?)

Cookies and drinks available to the public

5) 1st Annual Greenwich Free Library Oscar Gala

Viewing party for the 2020 Oscars in the Community Room

Date: Sunday 2/9/2020

Fun community event

Pot luck?

“Formal” attire or movie-character dress?

Maybe sell tickets or have suggested donation?

Possible tie-in to Oscar nominated movies based on books

(This is still a work in progress as you can see.)

FRIENDS:  They are ready to move books into new area.  The shelves have to be altered: height and depth.  They will creat rules of the books they will accept and how to enforce this rule.

GILL ROOM:  No hours to report as they are awaiting construction completion.  Sandy has purchased copies of photos from Buzz Spezio.  Old businesses that we don’t have.  A binder of sesquicentennial (1959) was donated.  Sandy conducted a tour of Historic Fires in Grn.  She had 3 participants but will advertise it better in the future.

BUILDING:  They are creating binders of information pertaining to each of the library construction grants that can be used as reference for maintenance/future purchases etc..  Will ask Bill Thompkins if he will work with us as Clerk of the Works.

OLD BUSINESSS:  Jim has asked the board members to fill out the board survey and return to Annie.

NEW BUSINESS:  The following is the smoking policy that is required for the library:

Greenwich Free Library No Smoking or Tobacco Use Policy

In compliance with New York State Laws, all Greenwich Free Library buildings, grounds and vehicles are smoke and tobacco free. Tobacco use and smoking in all forms, including but not limited to the use of electronic cigarettes, vaping and smoke-free oral tobacco products, is not permitted in any facility or on property owned by the Greenwich Free Library.

This policy applies to all persons, including employees, customers and visitors to property owned by the Greenwich Free Library.

Patrons and staff who fail to comply with this policy may be subject to the suspension of their library privileges and/or be prohibited from visiting library property.

Adopted June 19, 2019

PUBLIC COMMENTS:  Maria Robinson attended and gave each of us a copy of the Sophy Committees requests to the library:  They want to place a monument to Sophy on Library grounds. Sophy was Cliff Oliver’s beloved dog…She was a rescue dog, therapy dog and crossing guard dog.  She is a reminder of what matters: Kindness, acceptance and community.  The board approved their request.

Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary