January 2020 Board Meeting Minutes (proposed)


Greenwich Free Library Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting 

January 15, 2020, 7:00 PM, Community Room

Attendees:  Patrice Abate, Claudia Blackler, Ellen Fronhofer, Walter Grom, Pat Lamb, Sandy McReynolds, Naomi Meyer, Jim Nolan, Annie Miller (Library Director)

Agenda Item Discussion Follow-up Required 
APPROVE MINUTES Minutes approved without edits for the 12/18/2019 meeting.  
COMMITTEE REPORTS Building Committee -Review of latest drafts of renovation plans. Considering finishes/woodwork that will give the space a more custom (local) feel. Building committee has been asking for staff input. We will ask the school safety resource officer, Officer Kevin Saunders, to review the plans and offer feedback. -Concerns over toxicity/air quality during the renovation. -Still need more information on timeline if renovation is done as an “all-at-once” job. Library would need to relocate off-site. Have not identified a site that would meet the needs of the library (with internet demands) and be accessible.   Timeline: March-Begin meeting with vendors July-Go out to bid Annie to contact Officer Saunders and ask for him to review the renovation plans.
Events Committee Did not meet.  
Fund Raising and Finance Committee -Annual appeal has raised $8775.00. This is short of the $10K goal. Annie will mention the appeal in her next newsletter. -Concern over confidentiality surrounding donations. Recommended that board members be told who has responded to the appeal but only the director, or the director and the fund-raising committee, know the donation amounts. Annie to mention the annual appeal in her next newsletter.
Gill Room Committee Did not meet.
Marketing & PR Committee Did not meet.
Policy Committee The following policies were discussed. Modifications will be made (if necessary) and board will vote on the policies at the next meeting.
PUBLIC COMMENT No public present. Naomi presented comments she received from a member of the public regarding staffing. Community member was concerned about visiting the library in the evening and only seeing a single employee working (alone). Per Claudia, the library would have closed in the past if only one person was in the building for safety reasons. Annie responded that there were some unfilled volunteer shifts but the problem looks to be resolved. Naomi agreed to be trained as a volunteer so that she could possibly assist should the situation happen again. A campaign to get additional volunteers was also discussed. -Any board members willing to be trained as volunteers should arrange training with Marge. Then let Marge know if you can be contacted in the event of a shift lacking a volunteer.   -Talk to Marge about organizing a campaign to get more volunteers.
GILL ROOM REPORT (Sandy) New articles are being created monthly to be included in the first issue of each month Greenwich Journal   Rehousing of material into archival binders continues   Wallace is still working with the influx of material from former historian Cathy Barber’s estate   FB: 508 Followers; 487 Likes Hours: December 18, 2019 – January 15, 2020   Name Gill Room Hours Outside Hours Claudia 7   Wallace 9.75 10 Mary Lou   Roger 4 1.5 C.J.   Nancy 6.5         TOTAL HOURS:   27.25 11.5 PATRON USE: 8.75   -Still need to arrange training schedule for staff and volunteers in the new year.      
FRIENDS REPORT -Approximately $237 was raised at the last book sale.
MONTHLY FINANCIALS Monthly financials approved.
LIBRARY DIRECTOR’S REPORT (Annie) No formal Director’s Report this month. -Website standards will need to be updated this year. -Discussion of specifics of membership with library association. -Highlights of February events at library including February film series.        
JANUARY RETREAT -Board retreat will be January 26, 2020 from 12:00-4:00 at the library. Theme is “Where will we be in five years?” -Annie handed out a packet of reading material. This is available to the folders of board members who were not present. -Possible tour of carriage house. -Elections to be held for every position. The position of VP is open as Cliff is now an honorary board member. -All board members should read packets prior to the 1/26 retreat.
LIBRARY DIRECTOR EVALUATION -Review complete and will be presented to the director soon. -Jim and panel of board members will arrange to meet with Annie.
NEW BUSINESS Naomi made suggestion that next year, in lieu of purchasing candy, we print postcards and mail to the volunteers and friends at their homes. It is too late for this year—and we do not have a mailing list—but we can look to build one over the next year. -Start developing a mailing list for the volunteers and friends.  

Minutes signed: Patrice M. Abate