Google Chromebooks

What is a Google Chromebook?

Chromebooks are similar to traditional laptops in looks but are designed to work solely with Google Chrome (internet browser) and Google apps such as GMAIL, Google Meets, Google Slides, Google Docs, etc. These machines rely heavily on the internet, which means that many apps won’t work if you’re out of Wi-Fi range.

Chromebooks do not save items to the hard drive like a traditional laptop. You will need a free Google account if you wish to save documents, photos, music, etc. to the cloud. If you do not wish to save anything you can also sign in as a guest.

Our Chromebooks come with a charging cable and case.

What does it cost and how long can I keep it?

There is no cost! Chromebooks can be checked out for a period of two weeks.

How to use a Chromebook
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