September 2016 Board Meeting Minutes



The meeting opened at 7 PM. Present: Annie Miller, Cliff Oliver, Claudia Blackler, Terry Pendergrass, Chris Ruland, Walter Grom, Naomi Meyer and guest Sarah Dallas,SALS Director.

Sarah Dallas gave a review of the  SALS Five Year Plan. Annie has copies of the report.

Topics Included:

  1. Provide JA support
  2. Provide delivery service
  3. Advice and support
  4. Expanding Challenge Grants
  5. Continue and expand Digital Content
  6. NY Council of Non-Profits – SALS will purchase membership for all member libraries which will allow them to join webinars, workshops.
  7. Hire an Outreach Coordinator which will work to begin literacy programs
  8. SALS will hire a part time staff member who will provide member libraries with new technologies, provide training and help with websites, etc.

It was noted at the end of Sarah’s talk that without the support of SALS our libraries would not be able  to provide the services we do!

Minutes of last meeting read and accepted.

Public Relations: Annie, Pat Lamb and Kelly Stone created flyers for Pre-K events.  They are working on a new logo.  Emily Sargent, a new volunteer, was a notary and asked if we would be interested in her providing this service at the library.  Annie will check on the cost of certification and the library will pay this fee.  With a grant from the Association of Small and Rural Libraries, Annie will be working with the school counselor as part of a program to create a tool box of programs for students in grades 5 through 8 to help them focus on career and college and how their early choices can help them achieve their long-term goals.

Events: Nov. 5th the Lions will hold a comedy night.  Tables are $125.00 for ten people.  The board members paid for one table and the library will pay for another.  These will be made available to volunteers free of charge. Annie has met with Sarah Spaulding, Minister of the Baptist Church and head of the Interfaith.  They will work with a group to bring a program about Islam to the library.

Building:  Annie, Naomi Meyer, Teri Pendergrass and Jenny Lyttle have met and are in the process of accessing the various spaces in the library to determine what tables, chairs, etc. is needed.  The Hedbring Community Room is most important and they are researching tables on wheels that will be easy to set up and take down.  They are working with Rulyn Graves who works for a company that can supply these items.

Fund Raising:  Please e-mail Naomi Meyer before the next meeting with the names of people you would like a fund raising letter to be sent to.   The First Friday Dinner to benefit the library will be held Friday, Oct. 7th. Plans are being made to make, serve, clean up, etc. Those wishing to participate should contact Donna Skiff

Gill Room:   There was a flood in the Gill Room and mold was noted on a wall in Gill Room #2.  No decision on what action will be taken. There is accompany working on the flooding problems.  It was asked if the Gill Room staff and volunteers might develop an expansion plan for the future which would allow for class visits and programs for the community.

The board voted to sign the Washington County EOC Bridges out of Poverty memorandum of understanding.

Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary