October 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 17, 2018

The meeting opened at 7 PM. Present: Jim Nolan, Annie Miller, Claudia Blackler, Walter Grom, Audrey Fisher, Terry Prendergast, Chris Ruland and Sandy McReynolds.
Approval of last month’s minutes.


POLICY: We are recruiting new board members. Audrey will invite Kristine Parillo and Ellen Fronhoffer to our next meeting. Board training is being developed.

BUILDING: Terry and Walter have met and done a walk through of the basement. The were specifically looking at what was being moved and what furniture will be needed. The work will begin in January 20, 2019. Bill Tomkins has agreed to be the Clerk of the Works….a salary is being researched. Paul Mays, Annie and Sandy will meet to discuss what/how/where everything should be moved to. Dave and Chuck will resolve AV issues.

EVENTS: We decided not to be involved in the Tractor Parade as there are a good many commercial groups providing refreshments. We will close the library that evening. Annie suggested we have an event for each quarter of the year. The first quarter we will plan the events. Since there are a great many other organizations in town it was suggested that we team up with another organization. A Paint and Sip evening was suggested. The Square Dance was a big hit so Annie will apply for the LARAC grant to pay for the musicians. A pie sale was suggested for next year before Thanksgiving as there is not enough time this year. It was suggested that we have a fund-raising event in the school. It would be to raise money to purchase books of interest to students. Jim Nolan is going to contact the school to see if this is possible.

FINANCE: Annie, Jim and Paul met to do a preliminary review of the budget. They recommend the board ask for an increase from the Village which has been fixed at $14K since at least 2010. Staffing salaries were discussed. The committee recommends including a 4% increase be included in the budget to cover cost of living increases and raises for increased responsibility. Annie discussed her desire to hire a full-time employee. She is working on a job title and description. The rental house amount will be revisited and a search for another rental organization/person to handle this account is being investigated. A tentative budget will be presented at the next meeting and the vote will be in December.

FUNDRAISING: A sheet listing all donors for the last three years was presented to board members..they are to go through the list and eliminate/add for this year. These papers should be turned in to Annie by Wed. 10/24. You can hand them in at the circ. Desk and ask them to put them in Annie’s box in the office. Please come to the next board meeting on Nov. 14th early so letters can be signed. The letter will be much like last year including new projects, activities, programs, etc.

GILL ROOM: Gill History Facebook page is up and running thanks to Sandy. She has been asked to do a program on Canals for the Washington Co. Historical Society’s History Fair. A tour was given to DAR members from Greenwich and Cambridge…they were impressed that we have such a collection all filed and indexed! Anne and Sandy applied for a grant to update the material to archival standards. Sandy attended a workshop by Lakes to Locks on finding volunteers and keeping them…it was very informative. The total volunteer hours 29.5 and patron use 4.5.

FRIENDS: Final book sale 11/1 – Bag for a Buck

OTHER: Volunteer dinner date February 15th 2019. The library will close at 3 PM to set up


Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary