November 2016 Board Meeting Minutes



Members of the board met at 5:30 PM before the official meeting to add notes to fundraising letters.

The meeting opened at 7 PM.  Present:  Annie Miller, Jim Nolan, Cliff Oliver,Claudia Blackler Teri Pendergrass, Chris Ruland, Walter Grom, Pat Isgro, Naomi Meyer and Sandy McReynolds.

Last month’s minutes were accepted with one change: Teri Pendergrass was added to the Strategic Planning Committee.

Jim Nolan and Anne Miller have met twice to work on a mission statement which will include vision statements and core values. A draft will be available to board members to view before finalizing…possibly to accept at the January 2017 retreat.

Jim, Naomi and Annie created the fund raising letter with skilled help from Marge. Last year we hoped to receive $2,000.00 and actually received $4,000.00.  This money is not earmarked for anything.

Chris and Annie submitted the grant to LARAC for $3600.00.  This request is for entertainment programs:  John Guay, Bob Warren, and John Kirk and Trish Miller.  These programs will be free to the public.

Jenny Little, Teri and Annie have met with Rulyn Graves regarding furniture for the community room and stack area.  They showed us samples and, along with Naomi, will get a list of what we want and the cost. They will then talk to the Friends of the Library, the Elks, and volunteers to raise the money before purchase is made.

Annie submitted the construction grant to six companies.  Alexander’s was the lowest and comes with a good recommendation from Paul Mays. Added to the grant was repainting the back area of the library and replacing the lights with LED’s.

An internet box was put in the library basement in order to place computers in that area.  This was funded by the SALS Technology Grant.

Cliff inquired of Mitch Throop if he was available to do small ‘handyman’ jobs at the library.  He was not and had no suggestions.  Pat Isgro mentioned she had someone who does work for her.  She will check to see if he is interested.  The salary suggested was $25.00 an hour.

In order to comply with new minimum wage laws, Annie requested that she be paid an hourly rate with time and a half for over 40hours a week.  The alternative would be a 20% raise. She also requested to add a Youth Service employee for 15 hours a week which will give Annie more time for grant writing, etc.  She also requested adding five hours to Deb’s  hours and have her concentrate on Outreach services..  Annie and Paul will work on the budget and send it to board members before the Dec. meeting.  At that time we will vote on whether to accept the budget.

After the meeting Annie received an e-mail which awarded our library $5,000.00  and planning assistance from the Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces grant.

It was mentioned by Claudia that it is impressive the amount of library programs and activities that are listed each week in the local newspapers.  Annie was praised for her work in bringing the various community organizations together.

Claudia Blackler, Secretary