May 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

WED. MAY 11, 2016

The meeting opened at 7 PM. Present: Jim Nolan, Annie Miller, Naomi Meyer, Cliff Oliver, Claudia Blackler, Walter Grom, Paul Thurston, Terry Pendergast, Pat Isgro, Jenny Lyttle, and Sandy McReynolds.

The April minutes were read and Walter Grom was added to the Building Committee. The rest of the report was approved.

The Friends reported that $200.00 was made at their last book sale. Annie mentioned that in addition to children’s books, and cook books the food pantry would appreciate adult books. As they receive so many donations this will not be a problem. Jenny also gave a check for $125.00 which is given as a scholarship at the Greenwich High School graduation ceremony. The library also gives $125.00 for the same purpose.

The Gill Room report noted that a grant for $7900.00 was received from the N.Y.S. Historic Newspapers Digitization project. All of the Washington Journal/Greenwich Journal Press that are currently on microfilm from 1842-1913 will be digitized and available by the end of the year on line. Jim and Paul who both work at Sienna College mentioned that there is a new program that will be digitizing records and asked if the Gill Room staff and volunteers would be interested in participating. We would love to!

Mitch Throop and Annie Miller, building committee members, have met with HVAC to research the duct work. They will begin talking with Paul Mays, Architect, to discuss plans and get drawings to begin the construction needed for the back entrance. Sarah Dallas from SALS told Annie that the Construction Grant has one more step by DASNY before we receive the money. We have money in a construction account that we can use until the grant money is received. The board voted and approved this with the understanding that when the grant is received the money will be put back in this account.

The events committee is busy planning for the Gordie Elmers Silent Auction..Annie will ask him to put the information on his facebook page. The June 34d Paint & Sip program is being finalized by Naomi and it was suggested that they might think of having a similar program for children. The committee is working on a float for the Whipple City Parade and working with Dave Wever for the use of his antique tractor to pull the float. Kate Sauseville is working on a program for Octoberfest. Elizabeth Cockey, artist, is interested in doing an art program with the library and the youth center. It was suggested that the board look at the current policy we have for the use of the community room and possibly add something regarding the responsibilities of the library staff and volunteers in assisting at the various programs or not assisting.

Naomi and Jim gave a presentation at the Lions Club. They mentioned that the library provides free programming for children and would appreciate money for materials and staffing. They generously donated $1,000. for staffing and $500. for materials.

Annie and Jim attended the Library Trustees Association of the New York State Library in Plattsburgh, NY. They found the workshops interesting and enjoyed a talk by Rebekkah Smith Aldrich who is a co-writer of the Trustee Handbook. We all decided we should read more of it as it is most informative.


The following Webinars are available:

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