March 2019 Board Meeting Minutes


MARCH 20, 2019

The meeting opened at 7 PM.  Present: Annie Miller, Claudia Blackler, Kristen Parillo, Teri Pendergrass, Ellen Fronhofer, Walter Grom, Jim Nolan, Chris Ruland.

February minutes read and accepted.


Demolition will begin the end of this week…mostly duct work will be removed and located against the walls.  Annie has worked with Sandy on choosing the floor, walls, etc. in the new Gill Room.  Annie has the samples and the board was able to get an idea of how the new area will look.  There will be the same tables as in the community room that can be wheeled around and the chairs will be desk type chairs.  The estimated time for completion is May 31st.  We’re looking at having an official Gill Room grand opening in September.

Annie has the books of material, bldg. policies, etc. from past expansion.  She would like to have the material updated and include the materials, etc. from this project.  Also the building policies have to be updated.  Teri will look at this material.


The Paint and Partake event was well attended.  $710.00 less expenses was made.  A big thank you to Naomi for making this a success. 

May 20th at St. Joseph’s Hall is the date for the square and contra dance.  A grant was received to pay for the musicians.  Chris suggested a variety of snacks be made available throughout the program. Free will donations for entrance and snacks.

It was suggested that we have a movie night regularly at the library…possibly including a group trip to a local movie house in Saratoga.  It was also suggested that we have an Oscar Party at the library as a fund raiser.  We would show the program on the large screen and people might dress up for this event.  We might also have a grand opening tour event of the new areas during Whipple City Days.


We have a $100k commitment from a donor for our part of the 2018-19 construction grant.  We must raise $40.000.  We will check our lists of past donors and look for those who could make major contributions before making a broader appeal.  We need a new person to replace Paul Thurston as library treasurer.  Ellen Fronhofer will meet with Annie and Marge to go over what this position entails before she commits to the position.


Report attached.


The policy committee will check through our policies and then check with other libraries to see if changes are needed or a complete overhaul is necessary.  When completed these policies will be added to the library WEB page.


The Census is requesting that we host a worker recruitment evernt.  Annie will check with them about what would be required.

 Jim gave a copy of The Library Book to Annie

Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary