March 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

MARCH 21, 2018

The meeting opened at 7 PM. Present: Annie Miller, Claudia Blackler, Jim Nolan, Paul Thurston, Pat Lamb, Teri Pendergrass, Naomi Myer, Cliff Oliver, and Sandy McReynolds.

Trustee Minutes and Treasurers reports were approved.


Met and discussed using the Board Manual for discussion at trustee meetings. They also plan on reviewing library policies and by-laws.


Still waiting for new back door, windows and gutters…they have been delayed for over ten months. They are working on the floor plan and schedule for the basement and rehab of the upstairs. The hiring of a Clerk of the Works for this project was approved. March 30th the 6 will be delivered. The AV equipment has been installed in the community room and Annie will purchase several local restaurant certificates as a thank you for Dave Wever for all his work.


Sandy has completed her video interview for Folklife Center/ Crandall Library project. 19 years of Journals have been stored and labeled in archival boxes. David DeVries did an oral history of Cliff Oliver. Sandy has been signed up for a 4 week online course for Fundamentals of Preservation. A total of 66 volunteer hours and 9 patron hours.


MUSIC IS A LIVING HISTORY DANCE is scheduled for May 18th.
Greenwich, Schuylerville, and Cambridge Libraries have received a grant for literacy programing. They have hired Gail Jensen as the coordinator and she has begun organizing “Better Reader Partners”. The program will begin in approximately 3 months when tutors and students are organized.
Annie met with the Greenwich Youth Center Board and it determined that many of the youth that attend are younger than the actual older teen group that the center was established for. They plan on additional meetings and perhaps our board members will be able to assist in grant writing etc. to assist them. Our members felt it is a vital program that should be supported by the community.

The library received the 2017 tax levy of $95,252. Petitions for 2018 are at the circ. desk.
The 2017 Annual Report was submitted.
Claudia Blackler, Secretary