March 2017 Board Meeting



The meetingopened at 7 PM.  Present:  Annie Miller, Claudia Blackler,  Jim Nolan, Walter Grom, Teri Pendergrass, PatIsgro, Cliff Mealy, Chris Ruland, Paul Thurston, Naomi Meyer, and AudreyFisher.

Feb. minutes read and accepted. 

BUILDING:  Chairs have been selected for the library through Rulyn Graves.  Each chair will cost between $212.00 and $280.00.  We need 36 chairs for the library and Hedbring Community Room.  It was suggested we wait until July 1stwhich is the next grant session.  At that time we will put together a complete list which will include chairs, tables, and drapes which we will then do fund raising and ask the Lions and John Hedbring to help with the costs.

We wouldlike to aid the Lions Club as they are so generous to the library…it wassuggested we volunteer to scoop ice cream at their booth at the fair.  Volunteers will be needed.  It was also suggested that we do a programfor patrons about the local services that are available. 

The progress with the architectural work is going slowly. Annie is meeting with the architect next week.  We do not need five furnaces so if we haveextra money Annie suggested we purchase new doors for the back of thelibrary..  A second grant will includeair conditioning and waterproofing.  Anote was received from the Adirondack Basement System saying we are due for acheck-up and service.  They will be toldabout the mold in the 2nd Gill Room. 

EVENTS:  May 20th 6:30 Contra Dance at Church…looking for donations of drinks and deserts.  There will be no alcohol served at this event.  August 4th Bob Warren program at school. It was suggested that we have a free will offering andpossibly a bake sale for these programs. Volunteers are needed for these events.

STRATEGICPLAN:  Copies were sent to board membersand comments were made.  Each member wasasked to submit by Friday 3/10 any comments. 

FRIENDS:  Made $328.00 at last book sale.

TAXLEVY:  It was voted on to ask for$95,252.00.  Annie will handle this.

Voted on:Only service dogs allowed in library. Annie will post this.

Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary