March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes


BOARD MEETING – Wednesday March 9th 2016

The meeting opened at 7 PM.  Present: Jim Nolan, Annie Miller, Naomi Meyer, Cliff Oliver, Claudia Blackler, Walter Grom, Paul Thurston, Pat Isgro,  Jenny Lyttle, Friends President and guest: Chris Ruland.

February’s minutes approved with no changes.

The Gill Room report was read and accepted.  238 volunteer hours and 20.5 patron use.

Jenny Lyttle reported that $289.00 was made on the last Friends book sale.

Discussion regarding the various sub-committees with the following changes:

  1. Naomi Meyer added to the Nominating Committee
  2. Annie Miller and Jenny Lyttle added to the Arts and Environment Comm.
  3. Walter Grom and Mitch Throop ae added to the Building Comm.
  4. Brianna Lundy is added to the Finance Comm. The Investment Comm. Is combined with the Finance Comm.  Paul developed a monthly financial activity report which was easily read and understood.

Annie will set up meetings with the Marketing & Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Events and Programming and Building Committees.

Annie and Claudia attended a BUILDING THE FUTURE – SALS STRATEGIC PLAN 2017-2021 on Wed. March 9th 2016.  We will get minutes of the meeting from SALS..when received Claudia will make up kits for the Strategic Planning Committee of the materials we received.

SALS Tech. grant of $5,000.00 was awarded and the money received.  ½ of this amount will go back to SALS for their part in working on the in house technology for this grant.  Annie has a meeting scheduled for the end of March .  She has four people scheduled to work on this project which will include all phases of computers; hardware, software, virus protections, etc.

Annie showed us the various Websites she is working on with SALS .  The board selected the one we liked best.  Check it out on  The library on-line newsletter reached 345 people.

An outreach program is being developed to provide books at Hanniford and Comfort Food.

Annie is investigating the purchase of a door counter for the front and back doors.  Staff and volunteers now  count several times a month to get  an average number.  This number is required on the annual report.  Paul stated the counters had been part of the previous construction grant for the entrance and flooring, and funds should be withdrawn to pay for these from the construction checking account.”

Jim and Annie will attend the Trustee meeting in Plattsburgh on on May 7th. If anyone would like to attend with them let them know.

The board approved the Cash Management Policy.

Discussion regarding the Tax Proposition was discussed.  The board approved the increase from $92,133.00 to $94,609.00.  The amount each house tax would be increased should be in the wording.  Also to mention what items or programs would benefit from this increase.

Library Proposition Information:  New York State Education Law, under which libraries operate, provides that propositions requesting funding for local libraries may be placed on the local school ballot.  This funding is separate from the school budget and has no impact on it.  The Greenwich Free Library’s current request will help to secure sustainable funding for operations and programming at a time when library services are in greater demand and are more diverse than ever.

Proposed Honorary Board Description:  The purpose of the Greenwich Free Library Honorary Board is intended to facilitate interest and some level of engagement from prominent members of the Greater Greenwich community.  Honorary Board members will be kept informed about issues being addressed by  the board and the Greenwich Free Library through regular communications from the Board of Trustees and the Director of the library.  Honorary Board members are not required to attend regular  Board meetings but are welcome to do so.

This will be given to each Honorary Board member in letter form signed by  the library director and all board members with an information packet about the library.

Chris Ruland was voted onto the library board.  WELCOME! His e-mail is  He received a copy of the Trustee Book and Jim will forward him a copy of the by-laws.

Submitted by Claudia Blackler