June 2017 Board Meeting Minutes



The meeting opened at 7 PM.  Present: Annie Miller, Jim Nolan, Claudia Blackler, Walter Grom, Teri Pendergrass, Pat Isgro, Naomi Meyer, Cliff Oliver, and Chris Ruland.  Mayor Pam Fuller attended the beginning of the meeting with forms needed to be signed.  Sandy McReynolds, Gill Room employee also attended.

FUNDRAISING:  Naomi, Cliff and Jim are on this committee.  They are planning a meeting to check the results of the last annual appeal. They will decide if they should add more people to the list…create a more colorful letter, etc. Annie attended a fundraising workshop and came back with some good ideas we might be able to implement.

BUILDING:  The project is going well.  HVAC has been removed and new items put in place.  The new gas line has been installed.  A water line was broken going to the rental house but was quickly repaired.  We found that we do not have contact information for the person in charge of the rental or for the residents.  Annie is requesting the contract and also a key to the house in case of emergency.  During the 1974 construction a water proof sheet was placed against the foundation…this only managed to trap the water and cause flooding in the basement…this is being corrected and the concrete is being repaired as needed during this current project.  We will be responsible for repairing the driveway when work is completed.  The town has repaired the front sidewalk.  The back porch is nearly complete and we need to purchase a new book drop and benches.  We have to decide what has to be done next ie: lighting, finish the basement, whole building revamped…SALS has money that we can request for project.  A list is being prepared for furniture that is needed in the library Gill Room and library proper.  This is needed by August.

GILL ROOM REPORT:  Volunteers worked 72 hours during the month.  They are working on a reading list of history of Greenwich for new residents to the community.  Sandy will give her tour during Whipple City Days: Historic Fires of Main Street.  Aug. 10th is the tentative date for the DHPSNY Archival Needs Assessment at which time Annie, Sandy and volunteers should be available.  Sandy is attending the DHPSNY workshop on June 20th: Disaster Response and Recovery which is a hands on program…since we have had flooding etc. in the Gill Room this is a very worthwhile workshop.  Sandy has requested an emergency light for both rooms as presently there is only one in the lobby.  Gifts to the Gill Room:  2017 GCS Yearbook and original photo of the Rough & Ready company at their house on Eddy Street.

EVENTS:  The Contra Dance on May 12th was a success with approximately 65 people attending.  People were interested in having more of these dances…A big thank you to Chris Ruland for all his hard work.  August 5th Bob Warren will perform at the High School Auditorium.  Publicity will be sent out and Joe Donahue will be asked to promote this event.  Naomi suggested a fall date for a Sip & Paint program.

FINANCE:  Budget vote passed.  Jim has recruited Neal Fryer a young accountant that will volunteer to assist our staff on the use of Quick Books.  Plant sale raised $1,982.00 for the library.

OUTREACH:  Summer Reading Program organized.   New this year: PreK Playground Storytime and Field Trips, Reading Without Walls book club for Tweens.  Additional programs for families.

Jim has developed a letter which will be given to Honorary Board Members.

Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary