July 2017 Board Meeting Minutes



The meeting opened at 7 PM. Present: Annie Miller, Jim Nolan, Walter Grom, Teri Pendergrass, Audrey Fisher, Claudia Blackler, Sandy McReynolds.

June minutes with revision accepted.

FUNDRAISING: The committee met and developed a HONORARY BOARD MEMBER letter….we approved it and Jim a will take a copy to John Hedbring. We will send a copy to Joe Donahue and it was suggested we ask Paul Mays to be an honorary board member. This may raise conflict of interest issues. Annie will investigate.

BUILDING: Porch is moving along at a good pace. Information for book drop and benches is being researched. Heating and air conditioning is almost completed. Waterproofing is complete. We are compiling a list of projects that we will have to pay for from our current grant funds: Work for new driveway and blacktopping whole area is being worked on. Painted markers will be needed….Jim requested that blue paint be used for handicap parking area with striped painting for use of wheel chair access. Gutters where needed. Two new windows for back of office and YA area are required. Possibly a new back door will be installed.

Future needs for next grant:  This grant would require us to put up 25% of the money…we have money in our operating account and endowment fund that the board can vote to use to help cover this cost as well as additional items not included in the grant.

The plans can be basic for the purposes of the grant application and elaborated upon while waiting for grant approval.  Annie & Claudia met with architect Paul Mays.  We asked about basement storage/book sale room.  We will put in for a grant for new flooring, ceiling, and walls to complete this area.  The pipes are in for a bathroom so that might be an option also.  Paul will call a special meeting of the board when he has figures and plans finalized.  The board approved the request to have someone from Comfotex measure for new insulating shades for both the community and reading rooms.

EVENTS:  Aug. 5th is the next program….poster below.  Chris will be looking for volunteers for selling items in the library and manning a table.

Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary