July 2016 Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting opened at 7 PM. Present: Annie Miller, Jim Nolan, Claudia Blackler, Walter Grom, Terry Pendergast, Cliff Oliver, Paul Thurston, Chris Ruland, Pat Isgro, & Sandy McReynolds.

June minutes were read and accepted.

The Greenwich Camber of Commerce met at the library on July 1st. Jim Nolan and Pat Isgro attended with Annie. Annie did a power point presentation and created a library brochure: IN BUSINESS WITH YOU. Which detailed WHO WE ARE, OUR BUSINESS, WHAT WE DO and MOVING AHEAD.

There has been discussion with Connie Brooks from Battenkill Books to have programs with local authors at the library…possibly twice a year.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE: $500.00 was received from Mrs. Judd who is a descendant of the VanNess family. A thank you was sent and signed by all the board members along with a photo of board standing in front of VanNess art that is owned by the library:


This committee will look at donors and amounts donated from last year and decide how to move forward.

BUILDING COMMITTEE: The contract from Paul Mays has been received and approved. We hope to get a local contractor to bid on the work. It was noted that a discussion should be with the contractor about parking during the building process. Annie has still not heard from National Grid but will contact the town to see if they can get an answer.

Betty Little pledged $2500.00 in aid to libraries. This money will be used as a basis for furniture purchasing. Annie has spoke to Jenny Lyttle, Friends President about determining the needs and will meet with Rulyn Graves.

MISC: As a result of patron issues a 1.5 hour computer use limit is being enforced unless a specific patron task requires more time. Computers will be turned off 15 minutes before closing instead of 5 minutes.

The effects of fine free policy is minimal and more e-mail notices are being sent which saves postage. The people counter results: 3,823 for the month!

The Gill Room volunteer hours: 95.5 hours. 4,975 photos from the Greenwich Journal have been archived. Claudia sat outside with five albums during Whipple City Days to try and get photos identified. Quite a number of them are but we will do more community events to get more identified.
Sandy continues her weekly history articles in the Journal and receives many compliments as they are well read and enjoyed.

Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary