January 2017 Board Meeting Minutes



Present:  Annie Miller Jim Nolan, Walter Grom, Teri Pendergrass, Pat Isgro, Cliff Mealy, Chris Ruland, Naomi Meyer, Claudia Blackler, Paul Thurston and guest Audrey Fischer.

Minutes from Dec. 14, 2017 approved.

The annual appeal amount for 2015 was $3,375.00 increased to $5,225.00 in 2016.  The board is considering an online appeal as some patrons stated they didn’t receive a letter but would like to donate.

Annie met with Justin Dean, handyman who was recommended by Pat Isgro.  He lives in Shushan.  $25.00 an hourly salary was agreed upon.  Annie is compiling a list of jobs that need attention.  He will be put on the  library Aubuchon account.

Board retreat is scheduled for Sunday January 29th  12 noon  to 3PM.  Forms were given to each board member to fill out before this meeting.  We will  be working on a new strategic plan for the library.

Events:  We received the LARAC grant for the 3 events we requested.  Bob Warren will perform Aug. 5th at the school….topic: Music as Living History;  Dance in April at St. Joseph’s Hall;  John Kirk and Trish Miller (no schedule as yet).  The events committee will create a list of jobs needed for these programs ie. Mailings, refreshments, publicity, etc.

The Friends of the Library are planning to update postcard collection.

Naomi Meyer is a volunteer on Wednesdays at the Food Pantry.  She said there is a need for board books for small children.  Annie is investigating how we might purchase a collection to give as gifts to the families of small children.  Deb Sgambelluri is the library outreach person.  She will visit the food pantry and check on books needed in their free library section.

Cliff Oliver will check with Jason Slater to see if he will check the slate roof on the rental.

Motion to transfer $30,000.00 to the endowment was approved.

Executive Session

Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary