January 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

MINUTES: Jan 13, 2016

The meeting opened at 7 PM. Present: Jim Nolan, Pat Lamb, Walter Grom, Paul Thurston, Claudia Blackler, Annie Miller. Absent: Naomi Meyer, Cliff Oliver, Joe Donahue.
Annie attended a Friends of the Library meeting Tues. Jan 11th. They have volunteered to pay for a new children’s computer as the computer they have is damaged and cannot be repaired. They also will be looking at new furniture for the Community Room as the present furniture is quite worn. Jim mentioned that we as a board should have final say in what is purchased. The scholarship that they award to a graduating student will be combined with the scholarship the library gives. The list of volunteers on the board at the circ. Desk was mentioned and thought that maybe several thank you functions might be held during the year…not necessarily at the holidays as people are busy and some volunteers are not here in the winter. They are in the process of deciding what activities they will hold to increase their treasury as it is presently low.
Mary MacKrell is working with Annie to develop financial procedures and policies for the library to implement. Paul will provide the board with a monthly list of checks that are sent out.
Annie has been getting good feed back from our new “no late fines” policy.
We have received to date $3355.00 from our recent fund raising letter.
The Annual SALS report is due. Annie has a check list for trustees info for this report.
Program Grant for Star Net Exploring Tech. has been received. The dates are January 2018-March 2018. This will give us time to clean out and get the basement in order which is needed for this grant.
Certificate of Occupancy: We received word after the Albany meeting that all we need is a letter from an Architect saying that the problems are solved and the building passes his inspection. Paul Mays wrote the letter and we are waiting for the final word which means we will finally get a Cert. of Occupancy.
The Raptor event was so popular Annie had to turn people away. At this time the board discussed how we might have sign-ups for programs. It was also discussed that we should have a publicity group to take photos to send to local papers. This would give the community an idea of what we provide.

The treasurers report was read and the budget accepted for 2016. We would like the budget at the Dec. 2016 meeting so it can be voted on before the new year. A letter to the school district to raise the tax levy is due and will be on the Feb. agenda.
In old business the library director was given a $1200.00 yearly raise and a glowing performance rating. Her yearly evaluation and contract date will be from 1/1/16 to 12/31/16. The new contract was approved by the board.
January 24th 12 noon to 3 PM a Library Board retreat will be held at the library. Some agenda items discussed were: Marketing, publicity, book committee (Joe Donahue’s donations for the year totaled $2500.00. This was library costs not retail), Events Committee, Building and Grounds (ask Mitch Throop), program ideas, training for board members. Jim brought up the subject of sub-committees….these people would not necessarily have to be board members.
Board members have to fill out conflict of interest forms. Discuss board membership, terms of service. Check 2011 version of the By-Laws. Claudia will bring copy of the Webinar which speaks to the critical partnerships between NYS Library, SALS and the board members.
Claudia Blackler has been as a signer on payroll checks.

Claudia Blackler, Board Secretary