February 2017 Board Meeting Minutes


The meeting opened at 7:05PM. Present: Annie Miller, Director, Jim Nolan, Walter Grom, TeriPendergrass, Christ Ruland, Naomi Meyer, Paul Thurston, ClaudiaBlackler, Jenny Lyttle, Friends, and new board member AudreyFischer.

Minutes from January 11thmeeting accepted.

TD Bank has mentioned a program of charitable giving. All customers can name an organization that they would like to donate a percentage of their account to. The bank would then make the donation themselves…not from the customers account. Annie will look into this further and get the particulars.

The new handyman, JustinDean, has painted the lobby, two bathrooms and sealed the basement door to the driveway entrance/exit. She will check with him regarding the mold in the Gill Room. He can meet with Claudia or Sandy to check the problem.

Two electrical outlets havebeen installed at the back door for push button handicap access. This is part of the 2016 Building Grant.

Dates have been set for theLARAC Grant: Dance in May at St. Joseph’s Hall. An insurance certificate is needed for this event. Bob Warren program August 5th at the High School. There will be a free will offering at this event. A Quick Step Traditional Music/Dance program by John Kirk and Trish Miller will be held in either Sept./Oct. At St. Joseph’s Hall.

The Gill Room reported the total volunteer hours for 2016 were 857 hours with 132 remaining fo rSandy McReynolds, Gill Room employee, which were donated back as volunteer hours. The report is attached.

Jenny Lyttle reported thatthe last book sale made $266.00. They are constantly sorting thedonations.

Paul Thurston requested thatthe board consider hiring a financial accountant. This person wouldwork with Marge to set up an accounting procedure. The task hasbecome so involved and time consuming that the board agreed and willwait until after May when tax season is over. Jim will ask someonehe knows if he would like to do community service.

Annie has hired Kelly Stone as a Youth Services Coordinator to work 15 hours a week. This will free up Deb Sgambelluri as the library outreach person.

Annie and Teri have begun work on the Smart Space Grant.

We have joined the LibraryTrustee Association, and the Greenwich Chamber. Jim suggested thatwe sponsor another program with the Chamber at the library.

We were requested by GlensFalls Hospital to promote a Smoke Free Institution PublicPolicy….we are thinking about this and will discuss again in thefuture. We felt if patrons smoked in their cars we cannot police this but when the new area in the back of the library is completed we will make this a smoke free area.

A thank you letter wasreceived from the New York Library Association for the $100.00donation to their legal fund.

The board approved the Mission Statement and SurveyMonkey questionnaires for public and staff/volunteers. These will be available at the circulation desk,Face Book, e-mails, etc.

Invitations were given to board members to attend the SALS 59th Annual TrusteeMeeting on May 15th at Fort William Henry Hotel andConference Center in Lake George. For more information go to:www.sals.edu.

Submitted by ClaudiaBlackler, Secretary