December 2018 Board Meeting Minutes


The meeting opened at 7 PM. Present Jim Nolan, Claudia Blackler, Walter Grom, Terry Pendergrass, Annie Miller and Sandy McReynolds. Approval of Nov. 14th minutes.

Approval of invitation to Ellen Fronhofer tobecome a new board member. If she accepts, she will become a member of the board in January 2019. Jim will contact her. Jim made motion, Claudia 2nd…all in favor. It was voted to approve the policy Recruitment Of Library Trustees…motion by Walter, 2nd Claudia all in favor.

BUILDING: All the trees along the exit have been removed. The new project is to move the water away from the back of the building…it is puddling between the building and the parking lot. Annie met with Lisa Hayes, who will be the architect working on the Basement building project, they discussed flooring, doors, cabinets and lighting… the next meeting will be with Kali/Rulyn to discuss furniture and cabinets. The heating scheme is complete.

EVENTS: We will discuss the goals for 2019 during the January retreat.

FUNDRAISING: A total of $5530.00 was donated so far during our annual fund drive. $1,000.00 was received from a Facebook fundraiser. $3,735.00 from mailings and circulation desk donations. $775.00 was received from N.Y. CHAIRITY WEBSITE. We have received contributions towards matching funds for the building grant project. Annie will write and updated article with the progress of the fund raising and the matching grant for next week’s Journal Press with a photo.

GILL ROOM: Total volunteer hours 67. Patron use 5.75. Total Jim Nolan inquired about paying to boost the post on Facebook to see if that will bring in more area viewers to the Gill Room page. This expense was approved. Total for 2018: Volunteer hours: 695.75 (down 16.2 hours) Patron Use:116.5 (up 31%). The facebook page had 174 likes and 188 following. The photos are a big hit.

Boomerang Book Sales: $1992.50
January cancelled because of snow storm
February $238.00
March $230.00
April $500.00
May $155.00 Whipple City Sales (Thur & Sat)
$511.00 (June and July)
August $265.00
September $220.00 (half price sale)
October $215.00 (donation price)
November no book sale
December $169.50 (half price sale)

2018 Year Totals:

expenses $125.00
postcards $40.00
donations $690.00
memberships $264.00
Whipple City $511.00

MARKETING: Pat did a wonderful press release for GETTING PUBLISHED workshop.

NEW BUSINESS: January retreat agenda being prepared by Jim. We will meet on Sunday, January 13th 12-3 PM. Sandwich orders will be needed….some of the topics will include: strategic planning, what we did in 2018, what is our focus for 2019, Annie’s evaluation, committee review and create goals.


OLD BUSINESS: The board passed a resolution to hire an accountant. This would include straightening out Quick Books for ease of access and accountability. This will streamline bookkeeping on a daily basis at the library by the library bookkeeper. Jim Nolan has recused himself from this project as he is related to the consultant that we plan to hire. Claudia Blackler made the motion and Terry Prendergast seconded it…all in favor. Motion carried. Annie will contact and make final arrangements.

Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary