December 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Greenwich Free Library Board Meeting – December 20, 2017

Present: Jim Nolan, Naomi Meyer, Chris Ruland, Walter Grom, Teri Pendergrass, Jenny Lyttle, Annie Miller

Absent: Claudia Blackler, Pat Lamb, Cliff Oliver, Paul Thurston

Approval of Last Month’s Minutes: Naomi/Walter

Approval Treasurer’s Report: Teri/Chris

Approval Last Month’s Treasurer’s Report: Teri/Chris

Approval of the 2018 Budget Naomi/Teri

Winter Retreat Topics: Strategic plan review accomplishments in 2017. 2018 focus, strengthen board committee structure – building committee, policies committee, board development, recruit honorary board members?

Fundraising Committee: Update on Annual Appeal – donations currently approaching $5,000

Building: Gutter issues need to be solved – Walter and Jim will look at alternatives to Alexander for getting gutter problems solved sooner. Annie will let architects know that time is running out.

Gill Room Report: Applied for Memory Lab grant. Several research requests, one from California – a former resident. Donation by Becky Smith of photos of the house previously on the library site along with a written history. Totla hours: 60.25, Outside hours: 13, Patron use hours: 8

Friends Report: In response to impending change in space, Friends are looking at changing their activities. Have visited Saratoga Library to learn what they do. Considering internet sales. Starting to count the # of books they are handling 500+ books/week to figure out how to do that with less space. There is a lot of excitement for new activities. No discussions about things other than book sales.

Resolved: The Board of Trustees, in accordance with our 2017-22 Strategic Plan, resolves to commit the resources necessary to support the SALS Seed grant funded pilot adult literacy program and the resulting ongoing program. Naomi/Walter

Approved: $4,000 SALS Construction Challenge grant application to pay for professional planning services to support our 2017-22 Strategic Plan key priority: Facility enhancement Teri/Walter

Director’s Report: Director will be on vacation Dec 26-Jan 1. Ramifications of the end of net neutrality are not known but could put increased pressure on the library to provide internet services the public can no longer afford. Followed up on a notice from SALS and registered the library under the Digital Millenial Copyright act to shield us from liability if someone using our computers breaks copyright laws. With Sandy, submitted a grant application to become a “Memory Lab”- equipment and training to digitize historic materials. Working with Kelly on developing a new logo. Naomi is interested, will send her the link to the choices we have so far.

Director’s Annual Review:  Contract renewed. $45,000 annual salary

Ask Sandy about gathering her newspaper articles into a book.

Adjourn at 8:02

Respectfully submitted: Annie Miller