August 2018 Board Meeting Minutes


The meeting opened at 7 PM.  Present:  Jim Nolan, Claudia Blackler, Walter Grom, Naomi Meyer, Audrey  Fischer, Teri Prendergast, Sandy McReynolds, Wallace Paprocki and guest Kristine Parillo. Approval of last month’s minutes.

BUILDING:  Windows installed.  Templates for gutters were delivered to the fabricator.  2017-18 Construction Grant state approval received.  Annie met with Paul to discuss contract for construction.  2018-19  Construction Grant application started.  Paul Mays will use the plans we agreed on for the bid.  Annie attended a space planning workshop at Paul Smith’s.  To date we have been unable to hire a clerk of the works.

EVENTS:none planned

FUNDRAISING:  Annual appeal letter is being worked on.

GILL ROOM:  Total Hours 49 in Gill Room.  At home hours 6.  The Kerrs donated a box of papers and books relating to the history of the area and letters from the Anthony’s…who were related. These items are being preserved and documented.

POLICY:The committee has met 3 times:              Phase I: What policies exist.  What ones need to be reworded.             Phase 2: Is current language understandable or is new language required.

FRIENDS:Wallace Paprocki spoke about the future of the book sale.  She reminded the board that approximately $2500. Is donated to the library from these sales.  She would like the board to provide space for storage and possible future sales.  Claudia mentioned that in the future the possibility of the house in back of the library might be used for library functions.  We realize the cost of upgrading the house for public use will be expensive it might be something we plan for the future after all the library projects are completed.

OTHER: 1.      Nancy Battis’ retirement party will be Sunday, Sept, 23rd at 3 PM.  2.      Guest Kristine Parillo is new to the area and she would like to become a member of the library board.  Her skills are in Policy so she would like to be on that committee.  She will attend next month’s meeting for confirmation by the board. 3.      It was suggested that the various committees meet for 45 minuses at every other board meeting from 6:30 – 7:15 to discuss their issues. 4.      It was brought up that the salaries paid to library employees should be reviewed and increased as they are extremely low. 5.      The Sept. board meeting is a Jewish holiday…can the date be changed from the 19th to the 12th or 26th?   Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary