April 2019 Board Meeting Minutes



The meeting opened at 7 PM.  Present: Annie Miller, Jim Nolan, Naomi Meyer, Claudia Blackler, Kristen Parillo, Teri Pendergrass, Pat Lamb, Patrice Abate, and Sandy McReynolds.

Minutes of March meeting read and accepted.

This meeting was short as a visit from Sarah Dallas from SALS was scheduled.

Patrice Abate was accepted as a new board member.

BUILDING:  Grants: Construction Grant 2016-17 $4,000. Left to remediate water at rear of bldg..  Grant 2017-18 work is progressing with the Clerk of the Works keeping tabs.  Grant 2018-19 we are fundraising for the last $39,305.00.

FINANCE:  Paul Thurston resigned as treasurer.  Ellen Fronhofer has accepted the position.  She has met with Annie to outline duties and go through Quickbooks set up.  A thank you get together for Paul will be held on Friday May 3rd at 6 PM at Jim’s Pub.

Lions donated $1,000. For Better Readers Partners funding.  This program won the SALS Program of the Year award.

EVENTS:  A new date has been set for the Contra Dance at St. Joseph’s Hall.  Saturday, June 1st 6:30 PM

GILL ROOM:  Attached

New Business:  We will have a 2020 Census table to recruit workers.  The Saratoga LWV has contacted Annie regarding 2019 voter registration day.  Zena has resigned as Program Coordinate and former volunteer Jen LaRock will fill the position. 


  1. An issue was brought up about children spending days in the library if they are suspended or just absent from school.  Sarah said this problem should be worked out with an attorney and she suggested Jim Cox as SALS works with him.
  2. The construction grant which was due at libraries in Aug. is being held up.  All six of SALS reviews were  okayed but others have to be resolved by the N.Y.S. Library Development.  The next grant cycle has been reduced from one million to SALS to $390.000. as the Governor cut the budget.  It is suggested when filing a grant a 50% match be given.
  3. SALS Service…please go to link as the answers are used for 2020 budget.
  4. ILS Computer Training
  5. Delivery
  6. Consulting-SUNY Workshops
  7. Trustee education
  8. Jan. 1, 2021 new minimum standards for libraries.  We will need:
  9. A long range plan of service.
  10.   Our Web site has to be acceptable.
  11. Technical info has to meet all the needs of the community
  12. Community Partners
  13. Census has to be complete
  14. Joint Animation Project has six full time IP people to help 24/7.  Fees are based on holdings and circulation. 

A tour of the downstairs was conducted and the space useage was described….

Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary