April 2018 Minutes


The meeting opened at 7 PM. Present: Jim Nolan, Annie Miller, Claudia Blackler, Naomi Meyer, Cliff Oliver, Walter Grom, Chris Ruland and Sandy McReynolds.

Minutes approved for March minutes and March Treasurers report. April Treasurer’s report accepted.

The Policy Committee will meet in the next two weeks to review present policies. They have sorted and sent current policies to committee members.

Events Committee:

Pat Lamb will meet with Annie to prepare advertising for the MUSIC IS LIVING HISTORY DANCE which is scheduled for May 19th.

Fund Raising:

Hannaford will sell their bags during May with proceeds to go to the Greenwich Free Library. Naomi will check with the manager to see if we would be able to do advertising in store.

The Plant Sale will be May 12th at the library. Andrea Grom is providing the plants. Help is needed with a truck to get the plants to the library for the sale which will begin at 9AM

Gill Room:

Pat Niles from WCHS is researching the files for his upcoming bus tour program. A patron has been transcribing an unpublished manuscript for her college course. A number of visitors are researching their genealogies. Wallace wrote an article on preserving old headstone transcriptions/poems that were in the old records of the Gill Room and DAR…this was published in the Greenwich Journal and Heritage Hunters of Saratoga Co. Sandy attended a DHPSNY workshop on identifying preservations needs while processing collection. Volunteer hours-70 and patron hours-11.25. The community room has been reserved for June 15th & 16th which are the days of the Whipple City event. Cliff Oliver and Ken Perry will do a program on the black history of Greenwich and the Gill Room and Willards’ Mt. DAR will have local history displays.


Mike Gray who is the Washington Co. Youth Advisor will meet with the Greenwich Youth Center and members of the library, comfort food, and any other Greenwich groups on May 22nd at 7 PM in the library community room to discuss the objectives of the youth center in targeting grades 6-12 which was the original target group.

SMALL LIBRARY SMART SPACES grant was $5,000.00 towards furniture match for the building construction grant. A representative will visit to see what we have accomplished. The new tables are in the community room.

The new AV system is installed but needs some instructions for use. Dave Wever has been called. Thank you and gift certificate have been sent to Dave and Debi for all his volunteer hours. Thank you letters were sent to Carrie Warner and Betty Little.

The new back door has been installed…it is the wrong door and does not work properly. Paul Mays has been contacted to see if the matter can be resolved. The current construction people have not been timely and efficient. We will be using a clerk of the works for future projects. Jim will ask John Hedbring if he has any suggestions for a company that might work better with us on future projects.

Basement work will begin during the winter. Paul Mays is drawing up construction documents so we can schedule our activites: closing the book sale, moving the Gill room materials etc.