April 2017 Board Minutes



The meeting opened at 7 PM. Present: Annie Miller, Claudia Blackler, Jim Nolan, Walter Grom, Teri endeergrass, Cliff Mealy and Audrey Fisher. March minutes read and accepted.
The first part of the meeting was dedicated to reviewing the Strategic Plan. Few changes were made and the final plan will be presented at the next board meeting.
Furniture has been selected for the library which includes wooden tables and arm chairs. A meeting with Rulyn Graves will finalize the total cost which will be presented at next months meeting.
Fund Raising: Plant Sale May 13th. A review of the annual appeal letter and suggestions for the next appeal.
Building project is moving very slowly to the frustration of Annie.

Events: May 20th is the contra dance. Annie has prepared a flyer and info will be sent electronically as well as posters. We need volunteers for this event. Also we have to line up bakers, drinks, etc. for the event.
The Friends of the Library made $288.00 at their book sale.
The Friends of the Library and library board are presenting a $250.00 certificate to a Greenwich Senior at graduation ceremony.
Claudia is making arrangements for the Albany Boys and Girls Club to visit Greenwich. Cliff Oliver will present his URR program and a visit to Skiff farm and the Youth Center will be planned. The library will be the sponsor for this program.
We have not heard anything from Siena College about the digitizing of Gill Room material. Several e-mails have been sent.
Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary